Aabbott-Michelli Technologies, Inc. is the South's Heavyweight Supplier of Scales Systems. When you need to do more than just read the weight from a display, we have the tools and the experience to set up error free data recording and automation. We have the smart programmable indicators, embedded controllers, and PC based development tools to collect operator input, perform weighments, and generate the paperwork and reports you need for effective process control. We can build the complete system that meets your business needs.

Built to Last:

  • Weighing dependably and accurately, even in tough industrial environments.
  • Manufactured to last, with a rugged design, robust weight sensors and industry-leading warranty.
  • Designed to meet your needs, steel or concrete, surface or pit mounted.

Protect Your Revenue and Reduce Downtime:

  • Protect your business from costly inaccuracies by investing in an accurate and reliable solution.
  • Unique Weigh Bar load sensor overcomes the shortcomings of many competitor load cells.
  • Fully factory assembled and tested to exacting standards, including NIST, STEP, and ISO.

A Complete Solution:

  • Pair with a range of indicators, software and accessories, for a complete weighing, data or traffic management solution.
  • From installation to ongoing maintenance and repair, we offer you comprehensive after sales service from local experts.
Box Filling
Box Filling
Scales For Weighing Automobiles
Scales For Weighing Automobiles
Tank Systems
Tank Systems
Rail Scales Without the Costly Foundation
Installation of New Truck Scale

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